Reisler and Tekno cooperating



Some of Tekno's cars were sold in combination with Reisler figures. Today these items are popular among collectors of both brands. Most common were combinations between Tekno's jeeps and Reisler's 3,5 cm chauffeurs.


Tekno: Chauffeur in  brown khaki.
(Reisler: C 1)


Tekno: Chauffeurs in  grey og brown khaki.
(Reisler: C 2 and C 1)


Tekno: UN soldiers.
(Reisler: C 3)


Tekno: Red Cross soldier
(Reisler: C 4)


Tekno: Two Falck-Zonen drivers.
(Reisler: C 5)


Tekno: Farm labourer in jeep.
(Reisler: C 6)


Tekno: MP.
(Reisler: C 8)

Tekno: Labourer on truck.
(Reisler: C ?)
Photo & info: Allan J.S.Andersen from own collection


Tekno used a Reisler 3,5 cm. dispatch rider (1116 - white plastic) to depict
 a scene from the popular 1968 movie "Herbie the Love Bug".




Collection: W.Gregersen. Photo & info: Karl-E

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VW Transporter Van

Reisler soldier 1102 (3,5 cm) combined with Tekno no.405 VW Transporter Type 2 Van.
 The rifle was removed and the figure fastened with a pin through the top of the van.




A similar construction was seen in real life. (re Per Finsted)

Collection: W.Gregersen. Photo & info: Karl-E


Mercedes Truck

Five pcs. of Reisler's no. 253 - pig, head turned (5,5 cm!), were sold along with Tekno's 910A Mercedes Truck.




Collection: W.Gregersen. Photo: Karl-E

Toys for Expo 58

Both firms produced toys for the 1958 World Fair in Brussels. The two sets were probably made independently but they go well together and the style of the packings are quite similar. Both sets were ordered by Belgian company Boismanu.


Tekno:  Mercedes Express (No.851)

Reisler: Six figures (See 3,5 cm "Figuroversigt")

These sets and numerous other items that were produced for the exhibition are very popular collectors items.
Below is a link to one of a few fan-sites.