The figures in Reisler's pricelist linked to Hausser catalogue pages

Kat03  Kat04



Kat10  Kat11  Kat23


In picture above made from Reislers 1964 pricelist links to relevant catalogue pages from 1980 have been inserted below each group of  Romans, Vikings and Normans.

The figures which were not included in Reislers programme are faded out. In some instanses the description does not fully match the picture in the catalogue. The "4" added to some of the article numbers refers to the corresponding 4 cm. figure.

Hausser Elastolin changed the colour schemes over time and the pages can only be used to identify the model, not the age of a specific figure. There are several fine books about Elastolin figures and the subject seems well covered.

Catalogue pages from "Historische Hausser Elastolin Figuren 1980" were found at which is a meeting place for collectors of Elastolin and Lineol from all over the world.

The fact that Reisler produced a variety of Western figures themselves is probably the reason why they never introduced Hausser Elastolin's quality figures from Karl May's novels about Winnetou and Old Shatterhand in Denmark, unfortunately. This very popular film series started in Denmark with "The Treasure of Silver Lake" in 1962, exactly the same year that Reisler began importing Elastolin figures.

15 different examples of Hausser's cheaper line of so called "ordinary finish" Western figures were imported in 1963 though:

Indians and cowboys of soft plastic, 7 cm.

Reisler pricelist 1964.

Reisler's numbers inserted in red in Hausser
catalogue pages from 1972 for indians and cowboys.

Figures marked "+" in the Hausser-numbering are ordinary finished.
(No. 7219, cowboy standing with lasso, is not depicted here).