By 1962 Reisler had taken up import of toys and that year a line of seven cm. plastic figures from Firma O&M Hausser in Germany were included in the stock. The figures in question were of the high quality Elastolin brand. This agreement  allowed Reisler a sole agency in Denmark and the right to manufacture the figures.

 Imported toys from Dinky Toys and Aurora were sold as is but in this case part of the production took place at the factory in Copenhagen. Reisler painted and assembled the figures which were cast in several parts by Hausser.

Initially 12 figures were introduced in a newsletter included in the pricelist of April 1962. Adds in toy industry magazine "Legetøjstidende" were soon to follow.


  Legetøjstidende , September 1962                                                      Legetøjstidende , August 1962  

With few exceptions Reisler reused Haussers own numbering. The two first digits of the "simple execution" Indians and cowboys were changed however. 15 figures of this line were imported too.

Elastolin was also listed in Reisler's pricelists of April 1963 and  Nov.1964. Whether figures were added  during 1965 is uncertain, but a status count of Reisler's stock per Jan. 1st 1967 indicates no further additions.

The cooperation ceased in 1965. Documents  written to Reislers salesmen in 1965 and 1966 respectively show that Hausser figures had been removed in the latter. No advertising of Elastolin products is known after 1965 neither.

A few animals came from Elastolin also. Info in "More Hausser" or Reisler 55 mm. zoo or farm animals.


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