Earlier Hausser figures in Denmark

Elastolin-figurer from Hausser were, before Reisler took over, in the hands of other importers and apparently they were  available in Denmark as early as 1958.


The first time the Danish toy shops were informed about Reislers new adventure was via the newsletter which was included in the pricelist of April 1962.

Before Reisler the firm P.Lorentzen & Co. had a license to sell the figures it says in the letter. This makes it very likely that the Knights and Romans mentioned in the article in Legetøjstidende Aug.1958 are Haussers also. P.Lorentzen is mentioned in the add too, but not the name of the maker.

The figures in question must have been Elastolin and apparently they had been on the Danish market for some years before Reisler took over. The figures belonged in the  more expensive end of the price scale and P.Lorentzen & Co. was forced to give up the license.

In the newsletter Reisler claims that "we will be able to offer these figures at a very popular price". As Reisler had influence on the manufacturing they probably assumed that they would stand a better chance than P.Lorentzen & Co of selling Elastolin figures in Denmark.

This could explain why Reisler choose the production policy of painting in a much more simple way than that of Hausser's own! In the interview with Plastic Warrior Magazine in 1993 (see "Historie") John Reisler made it clear that the firm was ready to compromise on quality in order to survive.


Newsletter, April 1962

Legetøjstidende, Aug. 1958.

Reisler order form and newsletter , spring 1962

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