Other figurers from Hausser

Reisler combined a few Elastolin figures with their own series.

2050 Wolf:
Hausser sold this model both as German Shepherd Dog  farm animal #3843 and as #6931 along with two different  RCMPs.

289 Poodle

Picture from the Hausser catalogue showing the figure that Reisler sold as a wolf actually was Haussers German Shepherd Dog. The Elastolin wolf (inserted) is #5750.

290 Dachshund

Sheriff's house with jail.

Part of a letter for Reisler's salesmen, 1965

Reisler were planning to sell Hausser's Western houses in Denmark. Line five in above letter means "Sheriff's house with jail" and it is part of Reisler's line of figures sold in 1965. The title seems a little incorrect as they were really two buildings. The house in question could be either Elastolin #7750 or #7752 as shown in Hausser catalogue page below. Example above, right, was bought in Denmark.