LANI - Norway

Over the years, four Norwegian readers of tohan.dk have sent information about figures similar to Krolyn's, but labeled LANI instead. Stian JK writes:

"Seeing that it is mentioned under Krolyn's History that an Anne Lise Klinke took over the company in 1957... with the same imagination as the name Kro-Lyn was put together, I do see the possibility that ANne LIse can be put together to LANI, but that might be a stretch that too far.

A friend who has a much better overview of toys from these times than I do, thinks he remembers a Norwegian manufacturer who may have been "Lani" from around the 60s/70s who sold metal figures, and since the molds were for sale in 1962, yes, this is completely possible"

It is apparently a Norwegian production and I think the theory about the composition of the name LANI sounds extremely likely, not least considering the origin of the name Krolyn. Likewise, the time period is first confirmed in the 60s by several people. So until proven otherwise, I assume Krolyn's molds were used for said production after the sale. Photo of three different figures is inserted in the gallery above. Also known:

Lying cowboy, shooting gun, mrk. LANI 1208
Standing cowboy with raised gun mrk. LANI 1203
Indian, with bow, LANI 1252
Indian, standing with shield and Tomahawk, LANI 1254
Indian, standing with oval shield and Tomahawk, LANI 1261

Any additional photos and info about LANI will be posted on this page.

Thanks to Terje, Erik, Stian and Gunnar.

(Mainly translated by Google Translate)