H.C. Andersen
(Presumably by Krolyn)


Krolyn most likely produced these three figures. The soldier and the witch from Lighthouse, as well as a larger narrative H.C. Andersen (12 cm incl. footrest). The height of the two fairy tale figures corresponds nicely to Krolyn's other series.
These rare and almost unknown figures apparently never came into normal distribution.

The height of the soldier is a total of 10 cm. The witch, hollow cast, measures 7.5 cm. They have no inscription.


The seasoned collector Harald Hansen, Kbh., noticed in 2023 the mention of a possible existing H.C. Andersen series, produced by Krolyn and mentioned on tohan.dk (Krolyn/Historie/E. Schnug).

Harald, who also contributed to the Reisler section all the way back from the start of the website in 2006, has come to the conclusion, as the undersigned in full, that the three figures, which for several years have been in his collection, very likely originate from said series.

Here to the left see the exact wording of the article (excerpt). It was published in Figuren Magazin in 1999. The sources were a mixture of own research and information from one or more members of Figurina Danica. The series is not publicly described anywhere.

The figures are made of a heavier alloy than normal aluminium.


The full scope of Krolyn's planned series from H.C. Andersen's adventure is thus unfortunately not known, as the three above-mentioned, not definitively confirmed, copies are the only ones we know of. Likewise, the reason for a lack of broad production cannot be clarified either. In terms of time, if applicable, we are in the period 1945, when Guido Krohn-Rasmussen buys a metal foundry, to 1958, when the company is sold, possibly extended to 1962 with new owners.

The rarity of the figures and the total lack of documentation is perhaps in reality the strongest indication that they originate from the mentioned series. Where else would they belong? you could also ask. Info requested and comments welcome...

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