From the start of the 1950's and decades later toy manufacturer Kai Reisler was dominating the Danish market for toy soldiers and other figures. I guess most Danish boys and girls from those days remember the company's widespread line of exciting figures though they may not remember the name. Famous Danish brands like Lego and Tekno are probably more memorable.

Today the interest for Reisler figures among collectors is increasing, especially in Denmark but also abroad. This fact is clearly proved by activity on internet auctions like the Danish QXL and eBay. When I started collecting in 2004 available documentation of Reislers production was almost nonexistent. This site will try to change that.

Initially the models were produced of hard plastic and hand painted. The detailed figures were very fragile. In 1962 production began to switch from hard to soft plastic and soon all the company's model figures were produced of soft plastic. This meant much longer durability. At the same time the painting became more "industrialized".

Today's collectors mainly prefer the old figures of hard plastic although many of them have become very hard to find in top condition. Often arms were loose and movable and most weapons and tools have been lost.

I believe that this site holds information on all 55 mm. and 35 mm. figures that were marketed under the Reisler brand in Denmark. Reislers great line of HO figures is listed too. Below the pictures in the 55 mm. section is stated original article number, model description and first year of production. Further down on the pages you can find relevant documentation.

I aim to upload photos of all 55 mm. Reisler models in good condition and made of original hard plastic (where they exist - a few late models only exist in soft plastic). Kai Reisler ApS stopped production in early 2008.

I hope you'll enjoy your visit.

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