Auction results

The gallery shows examples of auction results for various old Reisler items, many of them coming from an old collection which was sold recently. For the interest of this hobby it is very positive that the value has reached a level where the listing of single or a few quality figures seems to be worthwhile. Hopefully other sellers will be encouraged to follow up.

#146 - African w/fez and sword ended at DKK 900,- (=Euro 120,-)!

There is still room for bargains though. The price of the four rare 3,5 cm cowboys, complete set, is surprisingly low. A few pics in the cheap end are shown too.

The Stage Coach (# 302) still holds the record for one single item (only known example - slightly restored).

One of the rare girl scouts (#591) which sold for 1520 DDK (Euro 203,-) in February 2009 probably comes in second.

So happy hunting at the flea-markets ...