Part 2

Missing parts.
Missing parts is another important factor. Loose, movable arms, weapons, feathers etc. are often missing or broken. The photos in the Reisler catalogue part of this site should give you a fair impression of the details related to each model. Here are some examples of what to look for:


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One of the main factors of pricing the figures is condition. They were mainly sold as toys and obviously the most detailed hard plastic figures are scarce in top condition.

Like any other collector's items unrestored items rank higher than restored ones. Traces of glue or additional paintwork should be looked out for. Original figures should be equipped with hard plastic weapons.

Pricing Reisler figures can be a very tough task. It is still possible to obtain material at bargain prices on markets or via the internet and as there is no reference book to consult, prices are varying. The most common models are still quite cheap while others are becoming very expensive. The scouts are popular and rare. They were only produced during a very short period in the mid-fifties. I have seen prices around US$ 100 a piece. The more fragile ones may go even higher. (They don't come in soft plastic).

In most of the series there are rare figures. Some of the firemen and most of the Tivoli Guards are almost impossible to find in hard plastic, just to mention a few. But sometimes you're lucky and that's one of the factors that makes this hobby so fascinating.

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